Fish Tycoon


With Fish Tycoon you will be able to have your own fish tank and look after your fish. Download Fish Tycoon and feed all you fish to make them grow

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Aquariums require a lot of attention if we want the fish to still be alive after some time. Fish Tycoon places a full aquarium on our computer's screen, and we'll have to manage it as best as we can: looking after the fish, looking for new species thanks to crossbreeding and selling the specimen that we choose. All this in real time, this means that even if we turn the computer off, the aquarium's life will continue and we'll find new fish each time we play.

Have a go at making your own aquarium

You have to look after the fish by feeding them, giving them vitamins, adding new devices to increase the oxygen input in the aquarium, decorating the aquarium and expanding it with the money that we gain by selling exotic species. Furthermore, we'll have to overcome a series of puzzles, that once solved will yield surprises that will be really useful for the development of our game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • In the demo you'll be able to enjoy the game for an hour.
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