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Create your virtual family with Virtual Families. Evolve and make your family tree grow as you look after all the members of the family in Virtual Families

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Maxis astonished everyone yet again when they launched The Sims quite a few years ago, and the saga is still growing day after day thanks to the expansions and new versions of the video game that have been launched since then. Now Winter Wolves Game Studio brings us a game based on the same idea as The Sims, but a lot lighter and with the possibility to control our characters in real-time, allowing us to do plenty of things and develop our characters to whatever level we want. Welcome to Virtual Families.

You can now create your own family however you want

Create a character, give him/her a name, an appearance and manage all his/her objectives (improve at work, be happier, find friends, eat properly and stay healthy,...) so that you can later create a family and manage that his/her family tree grows and grows as time goes by. Of course, in Virtual Families, we won't be able to forget about our work, because without work we won't be able to buy any new items for our household.

Apart from the money, there are some other bonuses and special trophies distributed all over the map, that will give you special skills or unlock new items in the shop.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo version can be played for 1 hour.
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