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Download Virtual Families and you will be able to guide a young couple in the path of love and hope, including the procreation of children and grandchildren

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Last Day of Work has taken some of the most basic concepts from the original The Sims game, and it has mixed them with others that are more innovative to be able to create a game that seems like it will offer hours on end of entertainment, Virtual Families.

This great game offers us the opportunity to choose a young couple that has just reached adult life, from the moment they start living together and along the full growing process, including the family growing due to children and grandchildren being born.

Create your own virtual family

In the game, we will control each detail of our virtual family's life, from choosing who picks up the clothes, who cooks or who is in charge of the washing machine, to what working position each one of the family members chooses, or which new furniture you should use in the living room.

Furthermore, we'll also have to look after each character's health and make sure that they eat, sleep and that they also have moments of amusement in which to forget about all their earthly worries.

One of the most innovating aspects of this game is that it follows in real-time, or in other words, the game will follow the evolution of our characters even if we turn it off, in such a way, that when we return to the game, we will see the changes that have taken place during our absence.

So, if you want a game that will allow you to control all the aspects of a virtual family's life, download and install Virtual Families.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to play for 60 minutes.
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Antony Peel
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