Turbo Pizza

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Turbo Pizza is an entertaining game in which you will have to efficiently manage your own pizza parlor. Download Turbo Pizza and serve your customers


Put your skill running a pizza shop to the test

October 16, 2022
8 / 10

Turbo Pizza is a game that gives us the opportunity to manage our own pizza parlor. The objective of the game is to serve all the clients that reach our restaurant efficiently and without taking too long.

Discover the game that will make you want to cook all kinds of recipes

The game is similar to the classic Diner Dash, but with the difference that in this title, as we as serving the clients, we will also have to prepare the food, something that will make sure that you always have to pay special attention to the orders. As we advance in the game we'll have to obtain improvements for our pizza parlor, as well as being able to add other recipes and combinations.

The graphics are full of color and have very simple forms, just like the majority of titles developed for Casual Gamers. With regard to the controls, it's worth highlighting that it's a point-and-click title because we'll only need to use the mouse to perform any action.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires an Internet connection to finish the installation.
  • The demo allows you to play the game for an hour.
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