Design and build your own city with LinCity-NG. You can download LinCity-NG for free, the improved version of the classic LinCity and create your own city

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Following the style of the classic SimCity, LinCity-NG is an optimized version of LinCity, a building game in which you have to build your own town from scratch and make it become a megalopolis.

  To do so you will have to start by building all kinds of buildings and infrastructures that will allow the inhabitants of your city to develop, ranging from schools or hospital to industries. And not only that, you will have to maintain it in perfect conditions to be able to generate a sustainable economy. Because if you don't, you will have to build a means of escape and evacuate your inhabitants from the city due to the pollution.

  You will have the possibility to start a new project from scratch, implying a higher difficulty level or take charge of one of the cities that already exist in the game, becoming somewhat easier. Thus you will be able to choose between different difficulty levels depending on your skill.

  Create your own city with LinCity-NG, a free city building game. Once you download LinCity-NG you will become the real mayor of your own city.
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