Create your own personality in the parallel world that Onverse offers you. As in "Second Life" you will be able to move around a virtual world in Onverse

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Second Life was a milestone in what refers to "social" games, because it allowed us to create a "virtual me" that let people live a parallel life over the Internet, with the possibility to customise the character, take part in any event, build a house in which to live or even acquire all kinds of goods.

  Onverse has been launched with a very similar idea in mind, to become an alternative way of meeting people and interacting, allowing us to create an avatar and become anything we want in a virtual world.

  We'll be able to communicate with anyone we meet by using a simple chat, furthermore, it offers you the possibility to take part in any kind of ceremony, action or game with other Onverse users. It also offers you the possibility to buy a house, where we will be able to take our contacts.

  Submerge into a world full of shops, entertainment centers, dance halls and lots of people to meet, thanks to Onverse.
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