Flashback, one of the best action and adventure video games is back and remastered by the same team that developed it with great stunning graphics

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Flashback is back with a new remastered and renovated version. The team behind the development of this classic game has tried to adapt its first development to the new generation of video games and gamers improving graphics, but also modifying the storyline and playability.

Conrad is back in active service in Flashback.

Main features of Flashback

  • A legendary classic recreated with far greater resources.
  • Great graphics faithful to the original game running on Unreal and Havok engines.
  • Modernized gameplay with new objects, greater fluidity and a new experience system.
  • The game's original story has been modified to adapt it to current gamers.

As you can see, the changes are quite important and if you're a nostalgic gamer, fan of abandonware, incapable of bearing a changer, the remastered version of Flashback is definitely not for you. But if that isn't the case, you'll know how to make the most of it once again and have fun.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a pay-to-play game.
  • Requires to be purchased through Steam which is included in the download.
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