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Write texts without distractions with FocusWriter, a minimalistic text editor without interruptions. Download this program for free and avoid distractions


Write your texts without anything distracting you

February 16, 2022
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When it comes to writing any text, it's important to be concentrated on its content and layout, which is why an application like FocusWriter can help us with our drafting task.

This is a text editor that can be launched in full-screen mode, in such a way that no other application that is currently running can distract you, something frequent if we use instant messenger applications, multimedia players or leave our browser open, for example.

Main features

  • Themes that can be configured by the user (fonts, background, transparency,...).
  • Real-time statistics (word count, page count, and character count).
  • Automatic saving and opening.
  • Spellchecker (it's possible to import dictionaries that are compatible with OpenOffice).

If you were looking for an application that doesn't allow anything distract you while you write, try out FocusWriter as soon as possible.

Lauriane Guilloux

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