How to play Fortnite for Android

This is a battle royale game which means that our target is to survive in all versus all combat. There are 100 players, including ourselves, taking part in each game although there’s also the possibility to establish alliances with other gamers in order to defeat the strongest rivals. However, at a certain point we’ll have to break that agreement to face up to them.

To play Fortnite on Android, we’ll have to bear in mind the following concepts:

  • We can play single-handedly or in collaborative mode on the battlefield with another 99 players at the same time.
  • It’s a territory that’s generated randomly and that we’ll have to explore in depth in order to find our enemies, places where to set up ambushes or shelters, and search for resources to help us survive, such as weapons or tools, and materials to craft them.
  • We’ll have to build structures to protect ourselves against our rivals.
  • We’ll have to fight against waves of enemies.

Just like in the PC and video console version, our character is parachuted onto an island and as soon as we land, we’ll have to fight for our lives, doing whatever it takes. Our enemies are in exactly the same situation and won’t doubt to kill us whenever they get the opportunity. The only difference regarding the versions of the above-mentioned platforms can be found in the control system, as here we won’t be able to make use of a keyboard or gamepad.

To play and be successful (in other words, to win by being the last player standing), we need plenty of practice but also to plan our strategy really well:

  • Secure your position on the scenario. It’s recommendable to find a high point to make it easier to defend yourself.
  • You’ll be more exposed to your enemies on an open field so try to find shelter where you can’t be seen.
  • Use heavy artillery to destroy your enemy’s structures as you’ll need more destruction power.
  • Make the most of shield potions whenever you have to leave your hideout but don’t forget that they don’t last forever.

Taking these basic tips into account, you’ll manage to develop yourself as a player but at the end of the day it’s all down to you skill and the amount of time you have to practice.