Fruit Ninja

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Prove what kind of ninja you are, finishing off all the pieces of fruit at your reach in Fruit Ninja. You can play three different game modes to prove it


Sharpen your sword and cut all the fruit

May 14, 2024
8 / 10

What defines a real and true ninja warrior is his capacity to slice fruit... and that's an undeniable fact. In Fruit Ninja you can put your skill with a katana to the test, cutting up all the pieces of fruit the appear in front of you. But be careful, it isn't as easy as it seems: the path is full of bombs that can end at a stroke all your aspirations to become a brave ninja.

Earn respect in the millenary art of fruit slicing.


  • Chop up and get rid of all the fruit at your reach.
  • Have fun with any of the three different game modes: Classic, Zen and Arcade.
  • Unlock weapons and wallpapers.
  • Use the different power-ups you'll find along the game.

Your skill will be rewarded

As you practice handling your sword, you'll realize that you can reach really high scores. How? Very easy: with combos and special moves that will help you to increase your score.

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