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Gang Boxing Arena is a casual stickman boxing game in which we will take part in massive multiplayer fights with a bunch of players piling in all at once


Fun and mayhem in this multiplayer boxing game

January 28, 2022
7 / 10

In order to enjoy boxing, there is no need to get into a ring and risk having your face smashed in. There are less painful ways to go about it which are perhaps even more fun, such as that offered in Gang Boxing Arena.

Crazy multiplayer boxing game

In this boxing game, we control a stickman who will take part in group combats in which we have to try to take down all of our opponents in order to be the last stickman standing. You will be able to do this by punching, but also by using the objects that you find around you as weapons: chairs, sticks, exploding barrels...

As we win combats and level up, we will be able to earn money that we can use to unlock items for customizing our boxer, making him even more recognizable and feared by his opponents.

Along with fun graphics and crazy ragdoll physics, the game offers us the following features:

  • Non-stop action.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Dozens of levels in a range of locations.
  • Interactive environment: use everything you have around you.
  • An exclusive soundtrack that plays along with all the mayhem.

Requirements and additional information:

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