Gladiators: Survival in Rome Android

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Gladiators: Survival in Rome takes us under the skin of a fugitive from Caesar's army who runs into the wilderness of Ancient Europe to survive and thrive


Survive and thrive in Ancient Rome

August 18, 2022
9 / 10

Developers from the Colossi Games studio invite us to travel back to the Roman Empire to join a very resolute fugitive on the run from Caesar's army. But his path will not be easy.

Discover the ins and outs of the Roman Empire

Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an action, adventure, and survival game with RPG touches and splendid 3D graphics. The action takes place in an open world set in Ancient Rome.

Throughout the game, we will have to get into the skin of a man who flees from Caesar's soldiers while helping all the people he meets. So, the plot will propose various missions, such as freeing enslaved people, exploring inhospitable lands, building a city, and collecting all kinds of resources to craft weapons, armor, and all sorts of tools.

An action RPG with survival game mechanics and city-building aspects.

Everything is integrated with real-time battles, gladiatorial combats, dozens of professions, and the classic looting of this type of game. In addition, it also has excellent social content, so we will be able to ally with other survivors in multiplayer mode.

The whole game offers us a good experience, and by downloading the APK file, we will be able to appreciate its characteristic graphics. However, as often happens with this kind of game, the mechanics can become repetitive for some players.

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