Gmail does not sync on Android: what to do to fix it

Gmail is one of the most important applications in the Google ecosystem. Therefore, the company dedicates efforts and resources to improve it so that it is flawless. However, it is sometimes possible to experience errors that prevent the correct functioning of the service. For example, Gmail may stop synchronizing your inbox. How to solve this problem? In this guide, we give you all the tips on how to do it yourself.

Check connections

The first step we recommend you take if you have problems with Gmail is to check your device's connections. Do you have Wi-Fi? Do you have good reception? Did you activate the airplane mode? The best way to resolve these issues is to go to the notification curtain and check what connectivity is enabled on the device.

Check connections on AndroidCheck connections on Android

Once you have established an Internet connection, go back to Gmail to have the application synchronize your email.

Enable email synchronization in settings

The Google account on Android synchronizes by default all the company's services. However, there is the possibility that synchronization has been disabled. Just in case, go to the Accounts section of the Android settings.

Account optionsAccount options

Select the account you are having problems with.

Accounts on the deviceAccounts on the device

Tap on Account sync.

Account synchronizationAccount synchronization

Check that the Gmail entry is enabled.

Enable Gmail synchronizationEnable Gmail synchronization

Once this is done, return to Gmail to resume message synchronization.

Enabling synchronization in the Gmail application

Gmail also has a setting that enables or disables synchronization. Open the settings from the main menu.

Open Gmail’s settingsOpen Gmail’s settings

Then, open the account settings.

Options for this accountOptions for this account

Find Sync Gmail and verify that the box is checked.

Enable synchronizationEnable synchronization

Watch out for notifications

If Gmail notifications are not active, you may feel that your mail is not synchronized. Open the application information section and tap Notifications.

Notification settingsNotification settings

Take a look at the different notifications that Gmail is capable of sending and make sure to activate those that are necessary. If you are not sure, you can also enable all of them.

Keep all notifications enabledKeep all notifications enabled

Resetting the application can help

By now, you have probably fixed the problems with Gmail. But, if this is not the case, the following solution can be really useful. It consists of cleaning the cache and resetting the application. Do this by selecting Storage & Cache in the App info section.

Storage settingsStorage settings

There, you will find two buttons. The first is Clear cache. Use it to delete temporary Gmail files. If it does not work, then tap on Clear storage.

Clear the cache and storageClear the cache and storage

With the latter, you reset the application completely. It is a good way to restore Gmail and fix some annoying errors. In addition, this process does not delete any personal data.

Allow Gmail to access the network

Another permission that needs to be granted to Gmail for it to work is network access. Without it, the application will not be able to synchronize email, even if you have an Internet connection. Go to the App info section and click on Mobile data & Wi-Fi.

Connection optionsConnection options

Take a look at the controls that are displayed on the screen. You must enable all those shown in the following screenshot.

Keep all connections enabledKeep all connections enabled

Allow Gmail to run in the background

Gmail needs to run in the background to synchronize mail even when it is not active. Therefore, go to the Battery section in App info.

Battery consumption settingsBattery consumption settings

Check that under the Background restriction section the message App can use battery in background appears.

Remove battery restrictionsRemove battery restrictions

If not, set the parameter to choose the App can use battery in background option.

Update Gmail to the latest version

At Malavida, we offer you the latest version of Gmail. Use the link on this page to get the latest update. Additionally, it is possible to check for new versions in the app store. Tap on your account avatar and open Manage apps and device.

Updates in the storeUpdates in the store

Tap on Updates available.

Updates availableUpdates available

Tap Update to get the latest version of Gmail.

Update AndroidUpdate Android

Remember that updates, in addition to introducing new features, fix bugs that may affect synchronization.

Reboot the device

By implementing the methods listed in this article, it is more than likely that your synchronization problems will be solved. But if this has not been the case, we advise you to reboot the phone.

Reboot the deviceReboot the device

Even though it may seem like an obvious thing to do, rebooting the system is a simple and quick way to fix bugs in applications and the device in general.