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Harmotion is a spaceship game where you will have to eliminate all your enemies, controlled by other users over Internet. Download Harmotion free now


Classic starship game with the innovative option of playing 1 vs 1

February 9, 2010
5 / 10

One of the genres with most success in the game arcades has always been the spaceship games, in which we have to travel around the galaxy with the objective of finishing off with the enemies that we come across with our laser beams and missiles.

Spaceship game for PC

Harmotion is a totally free title, in which we won't have to eliminate a full fleet of enemy spaceships controlled by the machine, we will actually have the opportunity of facing spaceships lead by other Internet users, that we will have to test our skill against.

The game's graphic environment is very bright and colorful, something that will surely attract those that are younger and also those that are nostalgic about the classic spaceship games, what's more, it has a very entertaining and dynamic soundtrack, that will always encourage us to play on. The controls are very simple, something that will help us dominate the game in a few games.

If you are looking for a simple game, that allows you to battle against other users all over the World, and that doesn't require a very powerful computer to be launched, download Harmotion now.

Héctor Hernández

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Scott McLure