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Hedera is a free complete P2P client for Mac computers. Download Hedera free and check this program to exchange files that are easy-to-use and practical

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There are many Mac users that think that there aren't programs with which to download all the contents that they want to their computer without any problem, but there are, and a good example of this is Hedera, a program developed for file sharing over a P2P network (peer-to-peer) based on Poisoned.

  This application, capable of connecting to the Gnutella, FastTrack and OpenFT networks, offers many interesting features, like total integration with iTunes or the option to expand the applications possibilities by means of plug-ins.

  Hedera could be considered the Ares for Mac, due to how easy it is to use and its transfer speed, but with an interface that is much clearer and better designed than that of the popular program for Windows.

  The only drawback that this application may imply is the difficulty to connect to a daemon gift, so if you don't accomplish it, you can compile your own or use a remote one.

  Download Hedera and start downloading all those things that you wanted to, in the easiest possible way.
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