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Kaspersky Anti-Virus protects your Windows computer with the best antivirus technology keeping any potential threats that may affect your system at bay


An antivirus with the most advanced technology on the market

April 20, 2021
9 / 10

At this point, there's no need for us to remind you how important it is to download and install a decent antivirus on your computer. There are hundreds of online threats waiting to infect your system, with all sorts of viruses and malware capable of affecting the functioning of your PC and its operating system. We can make use of a wide range of antiviruses for Windows, including the solution developed by Kaspersky. You can download Kaspersky Anti-Virus for PC to protect your computer against any threat, offering you impressive results. Not for nothing, it's one of the programs that has provided the best results during the crisis produced by the infamous WannaCry ransomware in 2017.

A trustworthy solution against viruses, spyware, phishing, frauds...

Security, performance, and simplicity

These are the three areas that this software works in. On the one hand, it comes along with detection technology backed by experts from all over the world and that the company makes sure that it keeps up to date to be able to fight against any potential new threats.

At the same time, its functioning has been optimized to consume as few resources as possible, which means that being protected doesn't mean you have to put up with a slow computer or all the annoyances that sluggish PCs entail.

And finally, its design is based on one mainstay: simplicity. Nobody wants to have to handle a complicated program that's hard to use. That's why its interface and functions make it easy to control for all kinds of users, even those that don't have too much experience in the computer security sector.

Main features of Kaspersky AV

  • Several kinds of analyses: complete, quick, selective, and for external devices.
  • Analysis scheduler.
  • Detection of malicious software.
  • Instant response to threats thanks to accessing Kaspersky Lab's database of the cloud where it compares the reputation of the files found.
  • On-screen keyboard for an additional protection layer when it comes to inputting card details and passwords, avoiding the threat of keyloggers.
  • Generation of reports about the application's functioning.
  • Protection for disks.
  • Protection of files on the cloud.
  • File quarantine.
  • Browser settings.
  • Cleaning of private trails.
  • Function to create rescue discs such as boot CDs or boot USBs.

Here you can download Kaspersky Anti-Virus for PC as a trial version, so if you want to get hold of the activation code for the full version, you'll have to buy the product by means of in-app purchases.

What's new in the latest version

  • No changelog available for the latest version.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used for 30 days.
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