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With Knock you can use your iPhone to unlock your Mac computer remotely. Knock allows you to unlock your screen with a couple of knocks on your iPhone

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We could be hours on end discussing whether protecting the access to a computer by requesting a password to unlock the screen is more or less effective, but that it is a nuisance is undeniable. Many users are aware of this, and that's why Knock tries to simplify the process.

A few knocks on your iPhone's screen to unlock your computer.

But how? Well, combining the use of your iPhone and Mac by means of Bluetooth, so that you only have to tap your Apple smartphone a couple of times to unlock your computer screen. Knock isn't an application that replaces your password, therefore, the latter isn't jeopardized, in fact, you can carry on unlocking your computer as always, and the information transmitted is always encrypted.


  • Unlock your screen remotely with your iPhone by means of a Bluetooth connection.
  • Transmission encrypted with 1024-bit RSA.
  • Low phone resource consumption.

And there's no need to worry, because no other iPhone users will be able to unlock your computer with their phone. Knock only responds to the device that you have authorized for this purpose.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Knock is compatible with MacBook Air (2011 and later), MacBook Pro (2012 and later), iMac (2012 and later), Mac Mini (2011 and later) and Mac Pro (2013 and later).
  • Requires an iPhone with the application for iOS downloaded.
  • Requires the activation of your Bluetooth connection.
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