LDPlayer Tips & Tricks: the best Android emulation tricks and help

Mobile gaming is no longer a redoubt for casual products. The notion that it is a platform where products for people who are just looking for something to kill time (such as Candy Crush and other similar games) should proliferate has changed over the years, and now we are faced with a whole legion of hardcore gamers who have Android as their preferred platform.

For all of them is focused LDPlayer, which has burst onto the emulator scene making a lot of noise (and very positive, if we may add). It is not the only one out there, there are Andy, Nox and the giant BlueStacks among others, but it is one of the ones that has surprised us the most of those we have tested. As of today, we would dare to say that it is one of the best options as far as mobile gaming is concerned.

As if that wasn't enough, LDPlayer can get a lot, a lot of juice if you know how to touch the right buttons. And that's why we're here, to show you where they are and what you should do to make them work exactly as you want them to. And how do we plan to do that? Well, you'll see: first of all, we'll tell you in depth what this emulator is and what it's for.

Then, we'll show you how to use LDPlayer by going through each important point. If you have already used an Android tablet or phone before you should have no problem, but there are a few things particular to this emulator that you should be aware of before you jump into using it.

Since it's focused on games and gamers, we'll show you what you need to do to map the keyboard for use in your favorite games; we'll even take a detailed look at the settings that LDPlayer allows you to customize within its menus. And, when you already have the keyboard mapped, how would you like to apply those settings in PUBG Mobile? We will also see how you can do it.

After that, we will focus on maintenance tasks and we will see how to install and uninstall LDPlayer from Windows, how to install APK files in the emulator and also how to update to the latest version of the program. These concepts seem unimportant and, if you already have some experience, you probably don't need to go over them. We assure you that for many newcomers they are crucial and that's why we don't want to leave them behind. We will also see how to switch between portrait and landscape view, as if you were holding your phone in your hands. We'll put LDPlayer up against BlueStacks and see what its strengths and weaknesses are, and we'll also tell you which, in our opinion, is the better alternative between the two. And the result will surely surprise more than one.

In any case, if you want to start using LDPlayer, don't miss the following tips and tricks. With them you will be able to squeeze the possibilities of this emulator to the maximum.

What is LDPlayer and what’s it for

To put it simply, LDPlayer is an Android emulator for Windows focused on video games and aimed at players. It is true that from it you can launch any type of Android application, but it is designed with games in mind. And why? Quite simply: Android titles have a very important base of followers, who want to be able to run them on screens larger than those of a terminal, with peripherals that facilitate control and without having to be constantly looking at the percentage of battery remaining.


How to use LDPlayer and how it works

To use LDPlayer you don't need to have previous experience of any kind, except for having handled an Android device at some point (which, we assume, you have done). The emulator works exactly like a phone or tablet with the green robot's operating system, so the basic interactions are more than covered.


How to install and uninstall LDPlayer

Below we will show you how you can install and uninstall this Android emulator on your PC.


How to update LDPlayer

You can update LDPlayer in two different ways: through the program itself or manually through Malavida.


LDPlayer vs BlueStacks comparison: pros and cons

LDPlayer and BlueStacks are two programs that share functionality and are therefore very similar. However, they are not exactly the same in everything, they have their differences. We take a look at them below.


How to map the keyboard in LDPlayer

To map the keyboard in LDPlayer, first of all, we have to start the emulator and open any game:


How to switch from portrait mode to landscape mode in LDPlayer

To switch from landscape to portrait mode in LDPlayer, what you need to do is as simple as clicking on a button. First, open the emulator. You will see that, by default, it opens in landscape mode:


How to install APKs on your PC with LDPlayer

To install APKs on LDPlayer you have several methods at your disposal. The first one is well known to everyone: open the Play Store, search for what you are interested in and download it; exactly as you would do with your Android phone or tablet.


How to play PUBG Mobile on your PC with LDPlayer

To play PUBG Mobile on PC with LDPlayer you have to, first of all, download the APK file from a trusted source, like ours. You can do that through the button we provide right here.


February 9, 2021. Translated by Shay O’Toole