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Material Design is the design-based excuse to develop Liri Browser, a minimalistic browser with the typical graphical aspect of Google's Android Lollipop

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Material Design is the paradigm under which Android Lollipop has been developed. The latter is known for its bold colors and elements separated by white spaces, and has now been used to develop Liri Browser.

Material Design as a reason for living

The intention of this minimalistic browser is to resemble Android's graphical environment. That's the main feature of this open-source browser that uses the Chromium engine.

The solution to bring Material Design to Mac.

Main features

  • Support for Google, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo as search engines.
  • Customization of the graphical interface's colors.
  • Minimalistic design based on Material Design.
  • Support for different themes.

For the time being Liri Browser is still under development, therefore, other browsers are still beating it in terms of functions and performance. However, its open-source nature will help it to receive new contributions to improve its performance.

Liri Browser
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