Make7! Hexa Puzzle Android


Make7! Hexa Puzzle is a puzzle game for Android in which your target is to group numbers to clear the board. Your goal is score as many points as possible

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Make7! Hexa Puzzle is one of the most entertaining block matching games around. It will make you rack your brains to try to make the best combinations and explosions on the board. Once you combine three or more blocks of the same number, a new block with the next value will be created, if you combine three 1 blocks you'll get hold of a 2 block.

As you combine blocks, you'll get hold of higher numbers until you reach 7, the explosive number. If you combine three or more 7s, the latter will explode clearing part of the board. Strategy and tips are essential to advance in this game. Practice makes perfect, and you'll need it to plan your most complicated moves. The blocks to be placed can be rotated to make them fit into the right place on the panel.

This APK doesn't require online connectivity to work, so if you can't find a nearby wireless network you can still play at combining blocks. It comes along with a very simple functionality so almost anyone can play without requiring to go through dense tutorials.

Furthermore, there's no time limit to complete the puzzles so you won't have to hurry up to reach number 7. If your phone switches off suddenly or you shut down the game without realizing, there's no reason to worry because it comes along with autosave. It's completely free but you can pay to earn more coins and get rid of adverts.

Main features

  • Simple and entertaining.
  • No time limits.
  • Offline game mode.
  • Automatic save.
  • High-resolution graphics.
  • In-app purchases.
  • Removable adverts.
Requirements and additional information:
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
6 months ago
32 MB

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