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Download Mari0 for Mac free of charge, a video game where the Super Mario Bros platform game and the Portal logic game are interwoven. Enjoy playing Mari0


Combine Super Mario Bros and Portal in a single game

July 18, 2012
8 / 10

Mari0 is a game for Mac that combines two classic games. On the one hand, the popular Super Mario Bros by Nintendo, a platform game hat you will have to complete to save your beloved Princess. On the other hand, Portal, an original logic game where you will advance using a special gun to create portals. Now, imagine both titles gathered in a single video game: that is exactly what Mari0 is.


  • Video game that mixes Super Mario Bros and Portal.
  • Complete recreation of the classic Nintendo game including some elements from Portal, like the weapon to create portals.
  • Up to 4 simultaneous players in cooperative mode.
  • Include a level editor to create your own phases.
  • 33 different hats for the main character.
  • Contains modes for extra entertainment.

Combine the best of both worlds

Advance along each level taking advantage of Portal's weapon to open portals that will help you to overcome the different platforms. And once you get bored, use the level editor to design your own stages: with Mari0 entertainment is guaranteed!

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Antony Peel