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Megapass is a search engine for Mega links that have been shared publicly by its users. Download any file available on Mega thanks to the web Megapass

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It hasn't taken long for the first search engines for Mega links to appear. Megapass is a search engine for Mega links where you can find and download thousands of files shared publicly by its users.

Your library of links.

How to use Megapass?

To share links through Megapass you only have to upload the file in question to Mega and add the link to the database by means of the corresponding option.

The search box will allow you to locate any sort of contents. Once the results are visible, just click on the file you are interested in and you will be automatically redirected to Mega.

Additional features

  • Index the contents of Megapass through the system of organisation by categories.
  • View the last 10 files uploaded by the users.
  • Includes the top 100 downloads.
  • Register as a user, gain points by sharing links and move up in the ranking.

Find anything hosted on Mega by using Megapass, the search engine for Mega links.

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