Metal Slug 2

Enjoy the classic Metal Slug 2 video game on your Windows computer. Just visit Steam to get hold of this great and start killing all your enemies right away

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Trends come and go but they always usually come back at some point. That mainly goes for clothes but it's also applicable to other fields. Just look at literature and movies, for instance, where zombies and vampires come back into fashion every now and again. Now the in thing is to remaster old games with huge pixels. The famous Metal Slug saga is living a second youth on many devices, and now it's the turn for Metal Slug 2 on Steam, the digital video game platform that we all love and adore.

Play missions 1 to 6 of the original arcade version of Metal Slug 2!

Once you download the ROM, you can relive your arcade machine adventures with this cool shoot'em up by Neo-Geo. You can play six missions in which you'll have to kick General Morden's ass and stop him from carrying out his plan. Once you complete a level, you'll be able to play it as many times as you want, whenever you want. Furthermore, in this version for Steam, you can check your scores to compete on the general online leaderboard and challenge other players from all the world. A really cool detail is that if you collect too many edible items during a mission, your character will get fat, modifying his powers and skills.

Fine-tune your skills solo or together with a bloodbrother in the levels you manage to unlock.

Quite a few cool vehicles

But our heroes won't always travel by foot. In this version, they can ride some really cool vehicles:

  • Camel Slug. A camel with a gunman. Can you think of anything cooler?
  • Slug Flyer. A plane with a gunman and missiles which also incorporate a kamikaze attack.
  • SlugNoid. A machine equipped with two gunmen and a cannon that could well belong to Dragon Ball.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows Vista.
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