Download Offworld, take control of an airship and participate in fierce combats. Offworld presents us with a 3D game mode with freedom of movements

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Aerial combats, explosions and plenty of action are the elements you can find in Offworld. A third-person shooter in which you'll pilot an airship with which you'll have to make sure that the supremacy of your chosen clan prevails.

3D airship shooter the reminds us of classic games of this genre.

In Offworld we control an airship from a rear view and with total freedom of movements. Therefore, we'll have to combine both aim, skill and reflexes to be able to succeed in an aerial battle full of obstacles. As an incentive, we can move around beautiful 3D settings and enjoy the game's great playability.


  • Third-person airship shooter.
  • Frenetic aerial battles.
  • Three-dimensional scenarios.
  • Arcade game mode that encourages playability.

Download Offworld and enjoy a game that recovers the spirit of yesteryear's spaceship arcade games.

Tengu Games
3 months ago
3 months ago
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