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OmniWeb is the most productive browser to work on a Mac. Download OmniWeb for free and you can discover a better way to organize your Internet browsing

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Among the different web browsers, each day we find more quality alternatives capable of facing up to the popular Firefox and Safari. Thus, OmniWeb offers us an efficient browsing experience based on the organization of different work areas, depending on our needs.

At the same time, with this web browser you can interact with the contents of each website separately, specifying how we are going to view them and work with them: manage the cookies, size of the texts shown, destination of the downloaded files, modification of the security options,...

Main features

  • High-performance web browsing, due to the possibility to customize the interaction with each site.
  • Visualization of the information of each page and selection of the preferences of each one of them.
  • Block pop-up publicity that is so common on the Internet.
  • Use of "visual" tabs in the form of thumbnails, that allow the user to easily identify the contents of each tab.

Improve your Internet browsing experience, thanks to OmniWeb.

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