Painkiller: Resurrection

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Download Painkiller: Resurrection and combat fear and kill any demon that you come across. Painkiller: Resurrection is one of the best horror shooters


Put a remedy to Bill Sherman's sins eliminating demons

December 15, 2011
8 / 10

Even though the soul of William 'Bill' Sherman, the main character of this game, should be in hell by now, heaven's warriors have decided to give him another opportunity if he eliminates all the demons that he comes across, using the most bizarre and violent weapons available.

Horror and mystery-packed FPS

With this plot and using graphic novel style cutscenes, we're introduced to Painkiller: Resurrection, a first person shooter full of action and horror, where the basic premise is to eliminate any demon we set eyes on.

This FPS takes place in very dark and sinister settings, that combined with the music and sound effects, they fully immerse us in a diabolical atmosphere, that will actually manage to frighten us during some phases of the game. As well as the story mode, we will be able to enjoy an online mode and a co-op campaign for 4 people.

With a graphical environment ready for the occasion and the classic gameplay experience of this type of shooter, Painkiller: Resurrection has all the possibilities of turning into a new classic when it comes to horror games.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo contains the introduction, the tutorial and the first level (Cathedral).
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