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Manage to organize your printed documents

March 8, 2010
8 / 10

It's very common to build up a great number of documents, whether due to work or study reasons: notes, diagrams, contracts, invoices, reports,... Even though on many occasions it is easier to have the paper versions available to manipulate them, to be able to store and organize them for easier access at a later date it is a lot more practical to have them in digital format.

Paper Stacks is a practical free application that allows you to perform the task of scanning and organizing documents from the same interface. Having them perfectly organized will make it a lot easier to access them whenever we want, while we keep the original documents filed.

Main features

  • Scan paper documents, and organize the information by categories.
  • Obtain digital files in JPG or PDF format.
  • Possibility to create ciphered folders, to protect their contents.
  • Support for the comfortable "Drag&Drop" technology.
  • Shortcut to the Print options.
  • Compatibility with scanning devices that fulfill the TWAIN standard.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This application requires a compatible scanner.
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