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Saving files online is an option that's becoming increasingly popular, but there's a problem: there are size limits per file, although not on pCloud

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If you were wondering how to send to your family that New Year's Eve video that you recorded with your state-of-the-art video camera with god knows how many megapixels, the answer could well be in an online storage service. But the majority of them have size limit for each uploaded file, although that's not the case of pCloud that allows us to upload any file without size limits... except the restriction over your whole account.

pCloud initially offers you 10 GB in your free account, that can be expanded to 20 GB by means of invites. It comes along with safe storage and not speed limits or size limits per upload. But if you need even more capacity, you can go for a premium, premium plus or custom account that for an affordable monthly or annual rate will offer you more space and more traffic for your download link, amongst other advantages.

To use this Swiss cloud storage service the first thing you should do is create a new account or access by means of your Facebook credentials. Once you've done that, you can manage it from the web version of the tool or from its desktop program, that can be installed on your computer or mobile device, immediately synchronizing the files on each one of them so you can access the latter wherever you go. Could it get any cooler? pCloud doesn't occupy storage space on your hard drive.

All your photos, videos, and documents with you wherever you go.

You can transfer folders following any of the following options:

  • Invite somebody to the folder: to invite a contact of your choice to view and modify files as if they were his or hers.
  • Share an upload link: to share a folder so that invited users can upload to the latter whatever files they want.
  • Share a download link: so that the people with access to the latter can view and download its contents.

You can copy the links and paste them wherever appropriate, but you've also got the option to import your contacts from Gmail and send them straight to the address of whoever may be interested. Furthermore, as an exclusive feature of this service, you can share each download link straight on your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account.

How to download from pCloud

Downloading contents from this service isn't at all complicated. You've only got to access the link provided and click on the download button. Then choose to save the document or transfer it to your own pCloud account. If you've been granted access to a folder, you can download each file individually or all of them at once, zipping them into a compressed file.

pCloud vs Dropbox

Although both services hardly offer us anything else apart from storing and sharing files, Dropbox is slightly slower and its encryption method is worse. The main advantage of pCloud regarding Dropbox is its storage service. If this service offers us 10 GB to begin with, expandable to 20 GB, Dropbox only offers 2 GB that can be expanded to 18 GB. Furthermore, to upload files without size limits on Dropbox you need to get hold of the desktop version, a fact that doesn't happen with pCloud.

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