Pentiment presents us with a unique narrative adventure featuring RPG elements, a strong historical background, and striking artistic design. Pure poetry!


A unique and exceptional narrative adventure

March 20, 2024
8 / 10

Every so often a video game comes along that manages, either through its mechanics, story, or art, to dazzle us with its own personality. And that is the case with Pentiment. One of the great surprises of 2024 and an authorial title in which Josh Sawyer and Obsidian bring us a unique concept and staging that are difficult to actually describe.

No room for repentance

All we have to do is download Pentiment for PC to see that this is a game that springs from the creator's desire to craft a game based on a real historical period. This is the source of an exceptional narrative adventure featuring touches of RPG and a multitude of unique elements:

  • Read and make your own decisions in a living world in constant motion.
  • Unravel palace intrigues, murders, and twisted secrets very much in the style of "The Name of the Rose".
  • Unique 2D environments based on 16th century Bavarian manuscripts.

A delicious cocktail that combines large doses of narrative, a pinch of RPG, and exceptional artistic design.

When we play Pentiment, we get to play a unique and exceptional narrative game that, through its unique artistic design and gameplay, sweeps us away to manage the consequences of our own decisions.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7.
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