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November 7, 2011
8 / 10

Physics-related properties and calculations (including electricity, waves and orbits) are some of the most difficult subjects contained in any study plan. That is why Physics 101SE can be of great help for students and enthusiasts of this field.

Software for physics calculations

Thanks to this software we will easily be able to carry out all the physics calculations related to kinetics, vectors, projectiles, dynamics, energy, effort, and gravity (among others), without making any mistake. All the calculations about waves, electricity, orbits and relativity can also be answered easily with Physics 101 SE.

This software to carry out the calculations only asks for the data necessary depending on the formulas to show both the graphics as well as the numeric results.

Thanks to Physics 101 SE, solving any problem with all the fields that it includes will be as simple as punching in the correct data, which will really help students to focus on the theory instead of the mathematical calculations.

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