PhET brings you closer to the physics and chemistry world. Download PhET for free and perform experiments in a virtual laboratory from your own computer

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Learning many physics and chemistry concepts is much easier if it's done in a practical manner. But it isn't always possible to access a lab in which we have the material and tools necessary to carry out these experiments.

  That's the reason why the University of Colorado has developed PhET, a pack of utilities developed in Flash and in Java, and has included them in a very intuitive application so that both students as well as teachers and science enthusiasts alike can satisfy their curiosity in this matter without having to visit a lab.

  Thus, PhET provides us with a pleasant environment to be able to experiment and carry out all kinds of simulations in a graphical and interactive manner. Once that application is installed it will be possible to access a complete collection of scientific experiments about all different matters, without requiring an Internet connection. The subjects covered are: arithmetics, maths, electronics, kinematics, quantum physics, biology,...

  This application is the dream come true for all physics, chemistry and science enthusiasts.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Java, Flash and a web browser installed.
Universidad de Colorado
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