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Plague of Z is a puzzle and strategy game where you will have to solve puzzles in order to strengthen your base's defences against the zombie invasion


Solve the puzzles to strengthen your base against zombies

July 10, 2024
7 / 10

The strategy games we usually see set in a zombie apocalypse are usually focused on a military aspect. This is not the case with Plague of Z, which can be considered more of a puzzle game than a strategy game: we will have to solve different puzzles to improve our base and defend ourselves from the attack of the undead.

Solve the puzzles to improve your base to defend yourself from the zombie attack

To advance in the game you have to solve a series of puzzles featuring the game's characters. These are of gradual difficulty and in 2D mode, consisting of activating a series of doors in the correct order to activate mechanisms that allow you to pass the test unscathed. With the money earned in doing so, we can equip our base with better defences and access weaponry to destroy the invader.

The game presents our facilities in three-dimensional mode, like the usual strategy games, and we choose which aspects and areas we want to reinforce. These are the main functions and features offered:

  • Solve logic puzzles based on triggering different mechanisms.
  • Rebuild your base and reinforce it to resist zombie attacks.
  • Recruit new heroes.
  • Team up with other survivors to defeat hordes of zombies.
  • Collect resources to maintain your base.

Requirements and additional information:

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