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Police Car Chase is exactly what it promises to be: a game for Android in which we have to hunt down criminals in our police car or avoid getting caught


A police car pursuit game

January 19, 2022
7 / 10

On more than one occasion you've probably seen on YouTube or the TV the typical video of a police pursuit in which loads of police cars try to hunt down a criminal. Everyone remembers the O.J. Simpson scene, but these actions are usually so spectacular that police car pursuits have become a game genre of their own.

Try to reach the bad guys

Just like in Need for Speed or the classic Test Drive, in Police Car Chase we'll hop into a patrol car equipped with a machine gun on our roof in order to destroy all our enemies that will desperately try to flee. We'll do so in an urban environment with plenty of traffic just like the greatest classics of this genre, and in which crashing into anyone is easier than what it seems. But don't forget that you can choose between being the hunter or the prey: try yourself out in the game mode in which you have to escape from the cops.

Police Car Chase is an entertaining car pursuit game.

Police Car Chase is a game that's definitely not going to surprise us with an original plot or a ground-breaking story, but if we're looking to download a car game for Android for free, this is a very decent alternative.

Main features

Installing the APK on your smartphone or tablet will offer you the following functions and options:

  • Choose between playing as a cop or a criminal.
  • Get hold of heavy weaponry for your car.
  • Travel around an urban setting full of obstacles such as civil traffic.
  • Choose between different kinds of cars.
  • Improve your vehicle in the workshop.
  • 12 cars to choose from.
  • 6 different weapons.
  • 4 different settings.
  • Complete tasks and special missions.
  • Control the game thanks to on-screen control or shaking your device.

The game offers us two control systems: we can play the classic mode for video consoles and PC. In other words, with buttons to control our movements and shots. But we've also got the possibility to control the driving process with our device's accelerometer. Move and rotate your tablet or smartphone to control the vehicle's direction.

Requirements and additional information:

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