Prey Game

Prey Game will place you in a disturbing world full of abductions and extraterrestrial creatures. Download Prey Game and defeat your opponents to stay alive

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Human Head Studios is the developer of Prey, one of the best first person shooters (FPS) of the last few years. This video game's story is focused on Tommy, a Cherokee Indian that wants to leave the reservation where he lives, and that ends up involved in a world of alien biotechnology, from which he will have to save his girlfriend and the rest of mankind.

  One of the main features of Prey is its playability, but it also offers a great range of game features that make it really interesting:
- Gravity Flipping. In this video game we will find areas that completely defy the laws of gravity.
- Wall Walking. In Prey we will find that walls aren't an obstacle for our character.
- Death Walking. Not even death is an obstacle for Tommy. If he manages to defeat the spirits, he will return to his body.
- Spirit Mode. With the use of the ancestral powers he will be able to defeat even the most dangerous enemies.

  Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy very original puzzles, an environment that has never been seen before in a computer game and its multiplayer mode.

  Submerge into a world of strange aliens and abductions with Prey Game. Will you be able to get out?
Requirements and additional information:
In the Demo you will be able to enjoy five levels (and two maps in the multiplayer mode).
Human Head Studios
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