Puppetman Off-Road Android

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Puppetman Off-Road is a 3D physics-based runner game in which we get to control a puppet whose only objective is to manage to make it to the finish line


A 3D racing game with puppets

June 18, 2024
7 / 10

Sometimes we come across games that, far from trying to be a part of the elite, simply seek to entertain us. The most recent example of this is Puppetman Off-Road Android, a racing game featuring marionettes in which we get to control a puppetman. Yes, you read that right.

Puppets going flat out

Puppetman Off-Road APK is an adventure that features a variety of levels in 3D in which our mission is none other than to reach the finish line before our opponent. And to do so, we will have to manipulate a puppetman by tapping and swiping to control, move, and race in a game that is as straightforward as it is fun. As if that weren't enough, this game presents us with a rival who we have to outperform and a multitude of levels that grow more complex thanks to a calibrated difficulty curve. Below, we share some of its most prominent features with you all:

  • Sober but detailed 3D artistic design. With the highlights being the abnormalities and obstacles in each level.
  • Realistic physics.
  • Straightforward and addictive gameplay.
  • A complete collision impact system in which the puppet can even be broken up, which only adds to the importance of strategy.

A game that leaves no puppet untouched...

All we have to do is download Puppetman Off-Road for free to discover a proposal that is both fun and easy to get the hang of while being difficult to master. A real challenge in a straightforward game where the only goal is to have a bit of fun and be entertained.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.1
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