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If you like puzzles, Puzzle King is for you. This application features all kinds of puzzles with lots of levels using pieces, gears, blocks and lines

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If you like to give your brain a work-out when you play games and not just shoot or craft incessantly, Puzzle King allows you to have several types of really fun puzzles on a single app. As well as not getting bored, you will avoid filling your phone with lots of different games and thereby save memory on your device.

This is a collection of puzzle games with simple gameplay and progressive difficulty, presented on a colorful and attractive interface which everyone likes. You will have all the classic logic puzzles just a couple of taps away.

What games does Puzzle King include?

  • One stroke: pass along all the lines in the drawing in a single stroke without recrossing any of them.
  • Tangram: the most classic puzzle.
  • Connection: join up the colored tubes without them crossing each other.
  • Rolling ball: move the floor tiles around to form a path which the ball can roll along.
  • Gear: put the gears into place correctly so that all the cogs can move.
  • Escape: the classic rectangular block puzzle in which you will have to move the pieces around until you get the red block to the door.
  • The app features 17 different games and the developers say the collection will just keep growing.
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Sean Mitchell
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