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Raft is a game in which you'll be stranded at sea on board a small wooden raft. Explore your surroundings looking for objects and food to be able to survive


Sandbox game about surviving at high seas

February 22, 2017
8 / 10

Large water masses shouldn't be belittled. The idea of being stranded on a tiny boat in the middle of a large lake or ocean without being able to reach mainland is quite terrifying... especially if you think how hard it would be to survive in those circumstances. And that's precisely what we'll find in Raft, a sandbox game similar to the mobile version Raft Survival Simulator, with a gameplay similar to Minecraft, that put's in the role of shipwreck survivor roaming around the sea on his wooden raft.

A hard extreme survival test.

Just like in the game developed by Mojang, and other similar titles, we'll have to explore the ocean's immensity mainly for two things: to find objects to craft with in order to build a better shelter on our boat and to get hold of water and food. For such purpose, we'll obviously have to face up against different dangers lurking in the sea and that will put our survival skills to the test.

Developed with the Unity graphical engine, the game offers us a 3D scenario that's quite fluid, and without demanding too many technical hardware requirements to be able to run it (it comes along with 32-bit and 64-bit versions, by the way).

Main features

You'll have to cope to catch at sea all sorts of objects from other shipwrecks and junk from other boats to be able to craft the tools you'll need to expand your new home and build weapons. All the latter, without losing sight of your health, water and food levels that are indicated on the lower part of the screen and that mustn't run out if you don't want to die.

  • Collect any materials floating in the water that may be useful.
  • Craft objects to build tools and weapons.
  • Filter sea water to drink and cook.
  • Try to fish something to not die of hunger.
  • Make your raft bigger with everything you collect.

This is the Windows version, but you should know that there are also editions for other platforms such as Mac and Linux. Android and iPhone offer us a similar title, Raft Survival Simulator, so you can play on whichever devices in your possession, whether a laptop or desktop computer, or a smartphone or tablet.

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