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Assemble a team of powerful heroes and confront the forces of chaos in Rage of Destiny, an RPG with collectible cards and super impressive graphics


Become the hero who will save the world from turmoil and chaos

May 22, 2024
8 / 10

Long ago, the gods plunged into a great war to prove their power and ego. The conflict unleashed chaos and destruction, and now only a group of brave warriors can put an end to the crisis of the gods. And, of course, it is up to you to lead the team.

Chaos and destruction are looming over the world

Rage of Destiny is a card role-playing game with idle features and 3D graphics created by IGG, the eclectic studio that offers titles as diverse as Time Princess and Clash of Clans. This time, you will be in a fantastic world of sword and sorcery where you must gather a team of heroes to put an end to the crisis of the gods.

Despite the look of its interface, full of buttons and details, it is quite easy to play. In each challenge or level, you must choose the heroes that will fight. You can choose up to five warriors and their formation.

A fun idle action card game!

The combats are automated, although you can activate special abilities by hand. The player's role is more oriented towards strategy, as you need to level up warriors and choose their equipment and collect new character cards.

Each character is unique and has exclusive powers. It is very important to take into account their characteristics when forming the team, as it is advisable to create good synergies. Your warriors continue to fight alone while you are not playing, so you can play at your own pace.

It was not the gods who surrendered to humanity. It was the world that gave up on the gods.

This game also has a good technical section and is entertaining. Download the APK file and acces a title that may not be particularly original, but is an interesting option if you want to enjoy an RPG that demands little of you.

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