Santa Shooter

Santa Claus has come round, but he can't go any further. Shrug off your drunkness and shoot at all the obstacles to clear his path in Santa Shooter


Shoot at Father Christmas and kill off Christmas spirit

October 21, 2009
6 / 10

What would you do if you found Santa Claus in your house? You would probably do exactly what the main character of this game does, bring out your rifle and start shooting at him. Now you can do it with this game, Santa Shooter. But, even though you might have thought something different, Santa Claus has to escape without a scratch.

Help Santa to give out presents

This entertaining Christmas game simulates that the main character is drunk, and this causes the target to move freely around the screen, making it impossible to aim. And that's a big problem for Santa Claus, because for him to be able to continue his journey, we'll have to get rid of all the presents that surround him, and that are only a few inches away from him. They are so near, that we're sure it will take a few games before Santa Claus can leave the room without a scratch.

The game is simple, and it only consists in having the necessary patience and dexterity to wait for the target to move on top of a present before shooting, but this is something that isn't always as precise as we could expect. What's more, there is at least one prize hidden in the room. The player with the most points wins!

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