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Save the Dude! is a puzzle game that involves cutting ropes in the right order so that the dude that is hanging from them falls without biting the dust

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Cutting the right rope and in the right order is the only way of achieving the final objective in each of the levels in Save the Dude! This is a puzzle game where we will encounter a dude who looks suspiciously like Homer Simpson and whose life is hanging by a thread, literally.

Cut the rope so that he falls and avoids a sticky end

Our buddy finds himself suspended by one or several ropes. We have to cut them so that he falls and avoids deadly dangers like sharp spikes on the ground or set on top of mobile devices and that can lead to a sticky end for him. Cutting the ropes will make him fall to the ground or will move different objects in the setting that can neutralize the danger.

The game features some fairly decent graphics, offers us numerous puzzles, and has simple playability thanks to intuitive controls; but this won't stop the puzzle-solving from getting increasingly difficult as we advance in the game.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
6 months ago
39.1 MB

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