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Shiira is a browser that uses the WebKit engine to offer very comfortable and quick browsing. Download Shiira for free and check out its additional features

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The engine behind the Safari web browser, WebKit, is really good. Its speed and reliability make it a really interesting development to include in any browser, that is why Shiira includes it, as well as making the browsing experience a lot better.

  One of the first improvements of this browser is that it doesn't include tabs, but replaces them with thumbnails at the bottom of the browser instead. Thus, it's much easier to know which is the exact tab that we want to see without having to change between various of them due to the little information offered by the header.

  The application also offers improved security if we use the private browsing mode, an interface to control the downloads and an integrated search engine.

  The program works really fast thanks to the fact that it has been programed in Cocoa, a programming language that always offers good results. So if you want to enjoy one of the quickest and lightest browsers, with a unique interface and features, Shiira is a great choice.
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