Silent Hill 4: The Room

Download Silent Hill 4: The Room, the fourth instalment of this survival horror game saga. With Silent Hill 4: The Room, fear will return to your PC

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How about spending your holidays in the pleasant town of Silent Hill? Nothing better than downloading Silent Hill 4: The Room, the fourth instalment of the saga to be able enjoy its lovable and pleasant inhabitants once again. Who doesn't fancy strolling around its streets full of anguish, surrounded by mystery...

Silent Hill 4: The Room offers you a new story full of tension. This survival horror game is known for offering some of the most sinister scenes in video gaming history.

Fear at home

For a few days, Henry Townshend has been having nightmares in which his small apartment is invaded by strange creatures and his walls ooze blood. He is now isolated and cut off without help, in a parallel dimension... The only exit seems to be a black hole in the bathroom that will transport him to different places in Silent Hill where he can tie up the loose ends...

  • New range of weapons: gun, pipe, baseball bat, golf club, pepper spray, bag...
  • Different types of enemies, from bad-tempered dogs to ghosts.
  • Take up to 10 objects with you during the adventure.
  • 3 difficulty levels.
  • Great graphics.

Download Silent Hill 4: The Room and solve the mysteries that surround the main character's enigmatic situation. Let's see if you are capable of keeping a steady hand when it comes to solving the game's puzzles surrounded in such pleasant company...

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo version has certain limitations.
  • Requires a ZIP-compatible compressor.
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