SSuite Office

Excalibur Release 4.40.4

SSuite Office contains applications to carry out almost any task. From a text editor to a web browser, you have everything available in SSuite Office


Complete office suite free of charge

September 11, 2020
9 / 10

SSuite Office offers the user a complete all-in-one office suite. In this pack of applications you'll find a wide range of tools to carry out almost any task from your computer: text editor, spreadsheet, web browser, image editor and an almost endless list of applications. And the best thing about these tools is that they are all free.

A professional office suite for everyone.

A complete all-in-one suite

SSuite Office Excalibur Release offers us the comfort of not having to search for and install dozens of programs. With this application we can make the most of all sorts of tools, for free and with a simple and intuitive interface. Some of the applications that we can find in SSuite Office are:

  • WordGraph, a free alternative to Microsoft Word.
  • Accel, a complete spreadsheet.
  • Image editor.
  • Calendar.
  • Audio players.
  • MP3 file converter.
  • Email manager.
  • Web browser.
  • Security tools.

SSuite Office offers you all the tools you could possibly need and for free. Don't miss out on this opportunity and complete your computer with this office suite.

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