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Pirates themes never get old, and Tempest is here to prove it; in this game for Android, players will face all kinds of missions for seasoned pirates


Sail the seas and spread terror aboard your pirate ship

January 5, 2021
8 / 10

Board her, player! The HeroCraft studio invites you to be the star in this pirate adventure that combines elements from role-playing and strategy games with resource management in a title that has impressive graphics. Get ready to be amazed by the most fearsome pirates in the Caribbean.

Become a daring pirate, sail the seas in a ship armed to the teeth, trade and gather a crew with the best sailors, and defeat other pirates and legendary monsters.

A vast map to be discovered onboard your ship

In this open-world game, players can do (almost) anything: explore, complete missions, take part in exciting naval battles, buy new boats, trade, hire new crew for your ship and, what is even cooler, face legendary sea monsters.

Unlike other similar titles, however, in Tempest, players don't have to create a settlement. You can focus on the adventure, marine exploration, and over 100 missions to perform aboard one of the most feared ships in the sea.

You will need an entire arsenal: cannons, mortars, flamethrowers, and lots of rigging.

Frenetic battles on the high seas

In your journey, you will meet enemy ships that you will have to sink with your cannons. To do this, there is a convenient system to move the boat sideways, aim, and shoot. After each battle, you must repair your ship with the gains of your adventure.

You can also decide to use the money to improve your boat or hire a bigger and better crew. And of course, when you arrive in a port, you can also trade your cargo and take on new missions. There is a multiplayer mode to share your adventures with your friends.

We have to say that the visual section is really wonderful. Just take a look at the movement of the water, and you will realize how much care has been put into designing this game. Tempest is definitely a very entertaining and fun pirate adventure that every fan of this genre should try on their Android.

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