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South Korean webtoon The God of High School comes to life in its very own mobile game, a super awesome beat 'em up with lots of comic book characters


Awesome beat 'em up based on the famous webtoon

August 31, 2022
7 / 10

Park Young-Je's webtoon characters have jumped from the comic strip to your smartphones in a mind-blowing mobile role-playing game. In this beat 'em up, SN Games studio invites players to collect the characters of the original work and kick some ass.

From cartoons to smartphones

The South Korean manhwa and anime became famous for its extraordinary artistic design, cool characters, and curious plot. The story mixes high school life with battles against the gods of Asian traditions. The main character is a reincarnation of Sun Wukong (the Monkey King who inspired the creation of Dragon Ball's Son Goku).

Several game modes await you!

This fantastic fighting game mixes 2D and 3D aesthetics to offer a visually impeccable experience full of cinematic scenes. At each level, players will have to defeat enemies that come your way in the style of beat 'em up.

To do this, move your character around the screen and use the attack buttons and special abilities when they reload. Or simply activate the automatic combat and enjoy the special effects.

As you collect the other characters in the story, you can trade them in at any time during the combat. Of course, each character has his or her own attacks and fighting style.

The God of High School is an excellent RPG with freemium features and several game modes, beyond the story mode. This way, you can participate in temporary events and special missions and join a clan with other players.

Without a doubt, this is a must-play game for all fans of the original work. And also for those who are not. And all you have to do to join this intense divine battle is download the APK file.

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