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Download ThinkFree Office, an office suite similar to the one offered by Microsoft but cheaper. ThinkFree Office has all the features you can possibly need


An office suite similar to Microsoft Office

March 18, 2019
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Can you imagine an office suite like Microsoft Office yet a lot cheaper? It exists!, and its name is ThinkFree Office.

A suite that is highly compatible with MS Office.

ThinkFree Office has aspects that are similar to those of the office suite by Microsoft thus making the learning process very easy for those users that are used to using Windows systems and the products from Microsoft Office.

It includes all the features required to be able to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations... and, furthermore, it is totally compatible with the files created with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Products included in ThinkFree Office

The tools that are included in ThinkFree Office are:

  • ThinkFree Write: powerful solution to create documents and websites.
  • ThinkFree Calc: edit Excel files or generate your own spreadsheets with this programme.
  • ThinkFree Show: tool focused on the creation of presentations, also compatible with PPT files by PowerPoint.

Download ThinkFree Office and enjoy a professional office suite at a low cost.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You can try out the office suite for 30 days.
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