Unturned is a shooter with pixellated graphics in which you'll face up to hordes of zombies. It includes an all versus all battle royale mode and it's free

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Looking for fun shooter game without any complications? Unturned is a great shooter with polygonal graphics very similar to Minecraft. It's definitely not a Call of Duty, but instead, a lightweight and addictive title that includes a game mode that's very popular as of lately: battle royale.

It's a free title although, as usual, there are also quite a few in-app purchases that can help us out during the game as well providing us with customization options for our character. Once you've equipped yourself appropriately, it's time to leap into the battle arena. The action of the main game mode takes place in a word full of zombies and with extreme nature conditions that will make things even more difficult. You're still healthy so if you don't want to be infected by the virus that's devastating the world, but fast on the trigger and skillful searching for resources to survive.

Main features of Unturned

  • Wipe out all the zombies.
  • Find resources in the nature to help you out during the game.
  • Use stealth tactics to wipe out your enemies without taking too many risks.
  • Learn how to use special skills.
  • Talk and interact with other players.
  • Create your own fortress by means of building techniques.
  • All sorts of vehicles available.
  • Five active communities, one official one with a huge world to be explored.
  • All kinds of MODs at your reach.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7.
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