Unvanquished is a first-person shooting game for Windows PC full of strategy elements an set in the future which you can download totally free of charge


Action-packed shooter set in a futuristic environment

March 5, 2019
8 / 10

The world of open-source games is much larger than what many users think. We can find loads of titles that can be downloaded legally for free and, in many cases, they have nothing to envy of other commercial and more expensive titles.

A free futuristic shooting game

Within the action game category, we have to point out Unvanquished, a first-person shooter that also incorporates real-time strategy elements and that offers us the possibility to play games in the multiplayer mode. The action takes place in a futuristic environment in which we'll have to face up to different creatures with the typical gameplay of this kind of title with bullets flying all over the place. Our goal is to wipe out our enemies and all their structures.

The first version of this title was released back in 2011, being able to download both a version for Windows and Linux. The graphical engine used is called Daemon and it's an OpenWolf fork which in turn also forks from the engine used in Quake 3. Together with another science-fiction shooter of the likes of Xonotic, which you can also download from Malavida, it's considered as one of the best open-source shooters that you can play.

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