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All the fruits are in trouble! In Worm Out, you will have the mission to solve some irreverent puzzles and kill the worms that want to eat the fruits


Save fruits before they are eaten by worms

January 31, 2023
7 / 10

The guys from the Mamboo Games studio know how annoying it is when a worm makes a condo out of your fruit. In this game, you need to manage to banish the worms from their makeshift homes and decide their fate.

Solve puzzles and eliminate the swallowing worms

Worm Out is a peculiar puzzle game with a very hooligan and lighthearted 3D graphics. Your mission is to use the tools and elements of each level to get the worms out of the fruits and solve the puzzle.

The mechanics are entertaining and do not hold many mysteries. To solve the puzzles, simply click or slide your finger across the screen. Overall, you get when you download the APK file are quite easy, although the difficulty will increase as you progress.

An addictive puzzle game where you need to rescue fruits from plagues.

One of the most ingenious parts of this title is deciding the fate of the worms you have captured. Basically, you will need to choose if you want them to go to heaven and turn into beautiful butterflies or condemn them to hell.

The result is nice, funny, and very dynamic... and it would be more so if it had fewer ads. And yes, you do need an internet connection to play.

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