Download Zombilution to create your own zombie army. With Zombilution you will be able to have a good time terrorizing the population and creating havoc

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One of the characters used most often in fantastic novels, horror films and action video games is without doubt the figure of the terrifying zombie, an infected being that wanders the streets in an undead state, that causes the humans to panic, whilst it searches for brains to eat.

  If you like the classic arcade games and your don't fear these horrible infected undead, we have Zombilution for you, an action arcade game that turns the situation around: if in the majority of video games the zombies are presented as the baddies that have to be annihilated, in this video game you become the leader of the undead, in search of the biggest army as possible to create chaos in the city.

  The action takes place in a real environment. Zombilution recreates 7 big areas of the city of Washington DC, that will end up being invaded by hordes of zombies that are all under your control. During the game you will find various kinds of enemies, that may be armed with up to 10 different kinds of weapons.

  Turn the typical zombie stories around and become the leader of the bad guys, in Zombilution!
Requirements and additional information:
This game requires that you have DirectX 9.0c installed. The demos allows you to play the first mission.
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